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Hello! My name is Jennifer A. Royston and I am very happy to be a fourth-year PhD student in the Department of English at Michigan State University. My research is inherently interdisciplinary; I examine the cultural and artistic nexus of the verbal and visual by considering how Renaissance playwrights participated in the upward mobilization of English visual artists from roughly 1580-1630. Before coming to MSU, I earned an M.A. in ‘Shakespeare in History’ from University College London, UK. My book chapter, ‘Mute Poem, Speaking Picture: The Personification of the Paragone in Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens” is forthcoming from Brill Academic Publishers.

Aside from my research, my passion lies in teaching, and some of the most rewarding moments of my week come from interactions with my students. This year, I serve as the department's Teaching Coordinator, which allows me to share my love of teaching with other English graduate students. Through this fellowship, I organize and lead several workshops related to pedagogy. In addition to the Cultural Heritage Informatics fellowship that I hold through MATRIX, also serve as a graduate fellow for The Residential College in the Arts and Humanities.

Last summer I taught two online courses: an IAH 207 hybrid course titled ‘The Representation of Visual Art Within Literature’ and a first-year writing MOOC (massive open online course) titled ‘Thinking Like a Writer’. My co-authored article, “Thinking About ‘Thinking Like a Writer’: Learning at Scale in a Writing MOOC” considers the role of the instructor when teaching at scale and is published in the Journal of Global Literacies, Technologies, and Emerging Pedagogies (JOGLTEP).

In my free time, I enjoy visiting with family, traveling, working out, and attempting to learn the Italian language. If you would like to learn more about my background or my research interests, please visit my webpage or send me an email at